Understanding How The Child Custody System Works

When family law attorneys have to work with clients on child custody cases, people are often unaware of how the system works. If you’re looking at child custody lawyers to handle a case, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with some of the basics. Explore four issues that all family law attorneys wish their clients understood about the process. Everything Else Is Separate Other legal matters are considered separate from the child custody issue unless they have a direct bearing on the welfare of the child involved.

Children And Divorce: When Children Can Choose Who To Live With

Children have a rough time of it when parents split. They may want to stay with one parent, but are told that they have to live with both parents at separate houses and at different times. They may not want to live with either parent because of things that happened in the home, but the courts will still enforce parental custody and/or visitation. In most cases, children do not have a choice or a say in who they will live with.

Divorce And Bankruptcy: Which Should Come First?

There’s no doubt that money troubles and divorce go together, but deciding whether to address the money troubles or the marital discord first can be tremendously difficult when you’re stuck in the middle of the situation. Here’s some practical, no-nonsense advice about how to approach the situation when debt and divorce are both looming over your head: If You’re Thinking About Filing Chapter 7 Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually referred to as “

Child Support Modifications and Your Financial Obligations

When you take a look at child support, it almost never feels fair to either party. The one paying the support feels frustrated and believes they pay too much each week, while the other party getting the support doesn’t feel like it is enough. Courts take a look at how much money is available to support the children, and then they look at how often each parent takes care of the kids.

Will Social Media Impact Your Divorce?

If you are like the majority of Americans, you have access to social media. Social media is already tricky to navigate when you have a reputation on the line, but the truth is that social media can impact much more than that. For instance, you might find that your social media profile even impacts your divorce proceedings. Whether you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, or something else, you need to be aware of the effect of social media on your divorce.

A Less Contentious Parting

Divorce can be an emotional experience and it’s easy to see how those emotions can cause problems. When issues cannot be amicably resolved, the family court judge must decide. Taking a case to court should be the last resort and using logic rather than emotions will help ensure that things are resolved in more a peaceful manner. Read on for some tips to get you through the divorce experience without a lot of acrimony.