Will Social Media Impact Your Divorce?

If you are like the majority of Americans, you have access to social media. Social media is already tricky to navigate when you have a reputation on the line, but the truth is that social media can impact much more than that. For instance, you might find that your social media profile even impacts your divorce proceedings. Whether you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Kik, or something else, you need to be aware of the effect of social media on your divorce.

What's the Risk?

Social media poses a number of risks. For instance, you might have shared pictures or personal info that allows somebody else to discern that you are in a new relationship or are spending money from shared accounts. Social media profiles actually act as digital evidence in your case.

Your posts become evidence because the things you post have time stamps and sometimes even your location. No matter how much time you spend blocking your spouse from seeing your accounts, you may not be able to stop your spouse's attorney from investigating your posts and seeing what you are doing, who you are with, and how much money you are spending.

How Does Social Media Betray Your Finances?

Social media impacts your financial situation depending on what you post. For instance, you may claim in court that you are not able to afford child support payments; however, your Facebook profile may demonstrate you have recently purchased a new home or vehicle. This could ruin your reputation in court if you are deemed a liar.

How Does Social Media Betray Your State of Mind?

Instability is a major red flag to judges determining who will receive custody or visitation of a child. If your social media posts show you to be an unstable person, you could very well be facing an uphill battle. This is especially the case if you post on social media about reckless behaviors, like drinking or using illegal drugs.

Ultimately, the behaviors you post on social media can weaken your divorce case and even impact your ability to collect spousal support or child support. In fact, your profile could even weaken your child custody case.

So, what can you do to avoid making mistakes? Working with a divorce attorney from a law firm like Marchese Law Firm is the ideal way of fighting back. Not only does your attorney represent you in court, but he or she also gives you advice so you can avoid ruining your reputation or appearing bad in court.