3 Things A Divorce Lawyer May Want To Know To Represent You More Adequately

If you feel it's time to divorce your spouse, you may get tempted to handle the entire process yourself. However, you shouldn't do this because it can be risky. The divorce process is usually complex. Dealing with deadlines could also be a big challenge, so you should hire a divorce lawyer to help you. Of course, the lawyer will do everything possible to help you get a favorable outcome. But for this to happen, the divorce lawyer should know certain things about your case so they can handle it properly. Here are three things the lawyer may want to know when helping you file for a divorce case.

Your Marriage History

A divorce lawyer may want to know something about your marriage history to determine how they should approach it. Not all divorce cases should go to court. In fact, they may sometimes recommend mediation based on your marriage history. The lawyer may want to know how you got married and other details like your spouse's age and education level. They need such information because it helps them decide how they should frame your divorce petition. It also helps them determine the strategies and documents required to win the case and set a reasonable timeline. Moreover, the lawyer may seek to know if you owned any property before marriage or if you jointly own everything.

Debt and Asset Information

Your divorce lawyer will also want to know if you owe anyone money and the kind of assets you have. They do so because you shouldn't just share your marital property with your ex-spouse; you should also share your debt. Usually, a divorce case is a bit complicated when debts are involved because most spouses don't want to participate in the payment plan. They just want to share the assets or get everything if possible. So be honest with your divorce lawyer and disclose all the necessary debt and asset information. This way, the lawyer will ensure your spouse doesn't take advantage of your situation.

Domestic Abuse Details

As you prepare to file a divorce case, you should provide your divorce lawyer with domestic abuse details if applicable. Your divorce petition could take a different approach if the lawyer learns you are a domestic violence victim. Usually, victims of domestic violence should file for divorce more tactically because the process is a bit more delicate. So let the lawyer know the when, how, and the time your spouse molested or abused you. Present to them any evidence that supports your allegations so they can know how to deal with the abusive spouse.

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