How A Family Lawyer Can Help You Deal With Domestic Violence Challenges

When it comes to romantic relationships or marriage, no one wants to consider living in a violent, threatening situation. However, domestic violence occurs in ¼ couples, and many of the victims feel trapped in their situation. There's a lot that can come into play when a victim of abuse wishes to step forward or away from their abuser.

The fear of financial repercussions and a lengthy divorce process is a common occurrence. However, victims must remember that the law is on their side — they may just need some help demanding the protection they're owed. This is where a family lawyer might help you. 

Why Involving the Law May Be the Only Viable Solution to Domestic Abuse

Many domestic violence victims report considering their life at risk in their relationships. However, from Stockholm Syndrome (the trauma response of an abuse victim involving them seeking validation from and proximity to their abuser) to the fear of "social ruin," domestic violence victims have plenty of deterrents to pursue justice. Many victims worry that the authorities could overlook their claims, and others fear that their allegations and the resulting legal process could hurt their families. Either way, being unwilling or discouraged to take action can end up costing someone their life. 

Family lawyers with domestic violence specializations not only act as legal counsel, but they'll also act as a resource and representative of the laws designed to protect the victims. As a third party, they can and will act as an intermediary between you and your partner. They'll also serve to provide you with support in attaining safety and justice while monitoring and reporting the violence you may endure. This will all serve to help your case in divorce court and make the entire process as smooth and swift as possible. 

How a Family Lawyer Can Offer Protection to Domestic Violence Victims

The two main services a family lawyer can provide a victim of domestic violence are to file the appropriate assault charges and to ask for mediation sessions. Charges can be criminal, depending on the scale of the violence perpetrated, or they can be misdemeanors. Family lawyers can also help victims obtain restraining orders, which will make it illegal for their abuser to be within a certain proximity of them. 

Mediation is beneficial in any case involving children and custody disagreements, the need for alimony or child support payments, and any other negotiation. Family lawyers are trained to de-escalate conflict between individuals and will ensure any violence perpetrated against you is reported and punished. 

While being the victim of domestic abuse is a nightmare in itself, hiring a family lawyer can help alleviate some of your challenges. Your lawyer will protect you to the best of their ability while providing you with the support to go forth into the new beginnings you deserve.