Several Myths About Going Through The Divorce Process

The experience of divorce can be a trying emotional time for you, but it will also pose significant legal issues that will have to be settled. This makes it necessary to ensure you have accurate information concerning what you will need to do and what should be expected from this process. Failing to know the reality behind divorce misconceptions and myths will be one of the first steps in successfully divorcing from your spouse.

Myth: You Must Stay In The House Throughout The Waiting Period And Divorce Process

Many states will have mandatory waiting periods that divorcing couples will have to meet. When this is the case for you, it can be easy to assume that you will be forced to continue living in the same home as your spouse if you are to protect your claim to the assets from the marriage. However, it is commonly encouraged for individuals to spend this time apart.

Myth: People Should Share Divorce Attorneys Whenever Possible

The costs of going through a divorce can be somewhat high, and people will frequently look for options to reduce or otherwise more efficiently handle these expenses. To this end, people will often assume that they should simply share an attorney to help reduce these expenses. Yet, it will be impossible and unethical for an attorney to represent both sides of a potentially contentious divorce. Rather, each spouse should seek their own attorney so that they are sure that they are being represented by a professional that is solely dedicated to their side of the divorce.

Myth: The Outcome Of The Divorce Will Be entirely Up To The Judge Overseeing The Case

When individuals imagine going through a divorce, they may assume that a judge will be the one that decides a majority of the issues in the divorce. Yet, this is only a last resort for situations where the two spouses are unable to settle these matters between each other. To help facilitate this type of resolution, you may be required to go through structured and moderated discussions. During these discussions, your attorney will be able to be present so that they can advise you as to the meaning of the terms that are being presented to you. Depending on the number and complexity of the divorce, it may take multiple sessions of mediation in order to settle all of the issues surrounding the divorce. However, the control that this gives you over the outcome of these proceeds can make these lengthy discussions worth the effort.

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