Building Your Child Custody Case Before The Divorce

If you're finding yourself in a position where your marriage is no longer workable, divorce might be something at the forefront of your mind. If you have children, that can also be a concern because you may be dreading the idea of a custody battle with your spouse. That's why it's smart to start building your own custody case--with these pointers--before the marriage is over:

Financial Security

One of the most important things that a court will consider is the financial security of each parent who wants custody. You might not yet know how much money you will be getting or paying in alimony or child support, but you can you can start working toward a strong financial position right now. Re-evaluate your current job and salary and think about whether you might need to find a new job or seek a new career. Start pricing apartments, cars, and other expenses so you know what you'll be responsible for, and then get serious about how you're going to be able to make ends meet.

Adjust Work Schedule

If you're one of those parents who is always working, you may reconsider whether you really want sole custody or whether you can work out a joint custody agreement with your spouse. If you're committed to sole custody, you might have to make some work adjustments so that you will be home more often for your children when they need you. You may have to cut back your hours at work or turn down overtime and travel opportunities that would mean too much time away.

Track Activities and Spending

Another thing you can begin doing is to track your activities and spending regarding the kids. If you're always the one loading the kids into the van and taking them to clubs, schools, friends' homes, and doctor appointments, that is important and the court will want to know that. If you are always purchasing food, clothing and other things for your children, tracking this can show that you're currently acting as a primary parent and have the standing for sole custody.

If you don't start keeping track of these things, you might have a tougher time disproving your spouse's claims that they help out and provide as much as you do.

These ideas can assist you in starting to plan for your custody goals before your divorce. Family divorce attorneys can walk you through each step so you can dissolve your marriage in a fair way and secure the custody you're hoping for.