The Beginning Stages Of Divorce: Settling In To Your New Reality

If you were recently told by your spouse that they want a divorce, it can be very hard to come to terms with your new reality. When you have children involved, the news can feel even more devastating. Even when you feel completely overwhelmed, you will need to set up a routine for your children so that they can begin to get used to the new situation. If your marriage is definitely over, it's time to find a living situation that helps you feel safe. A parenting plan should be established so that you and your ex can begin parenting your children separately. While you may feel nervous or in shock, getting a parenting plan in place will help you start to feel grounded.

Start with the Basics

You will need your own space when you are asked for a divorce. While the two of you may feel amicable and want to try living together while you figure out your new situation, it's impossible to move on and heal from a divorce when you aren't truly separated. Figure out what you can afford for an apartment, and officially separate from your spouse by living apart from one another. Your children will better be able to understand that you are separated when you physically live apart.

Come Up with a Parenting Plan

The first thing you and your ex need to do is set up a parenting plan. If the children have a solid relationship with both of you, this means that they should be spending a fairly equal amount of time with each parent. It doesn't matter if you don't like each other, your children love both of you. A parenting plan that gives the children adequate time with each parent will help them transition into the new reality of their situation. Children need to know that both parents love them, and both parents are willing to take on the responsibility of their care.

Divide Some of Your Assets

Each partner will need to have some money to establish a new living situation. While neither of you can simply spend down bank accounts during the divorce, some of your assets should be divided to ensure you each have money for the things you need. If you have a joint bank account, the money in the account should be split so that you both have some cash to begin settling into your new reality.

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